What Does Golf Driver Loft Mean?


Part of learning how to be a good golfer is learning the terminology involved with the sport.Golf driver loft is a term that many beginning golfers have heard but they have no idea what it means. The definition of loft pertains particularly to hitting the ball off of the tee. The loft is the angle the club face is in that helps to control distance ad trajectory. From what we know about golf engineering, a clubs loft is what decides the first shot trajectory once the ball is hit. Measuring the loft is easy to do. You simply measure the angle that is formed between the club face and a vertical line when your club is in the address position.

What Is The Typical Golf Driver Loft?

The typical driver has a loft between 7 to 12 degrees and golfers that are more seasoned usually use drivers with lower lofts. (10 degrees of less) This is because low loft clubs require that more skill is used to get optimal distance and loft. Beginning golfers tend to use drivers that are closer to 12 degrees because they are better outfitted to give more loft by themselves. Though experienced players tend to make use of low loft drivers, it has become more common for professionals to opt for drivers with a higher loft. The reason they cite for this decision is that they make longer drives due to the high launching angle combined with a spin that is lower. This is what a higher golf driver loft can do for you.

How To Determine What Golf Driver Loft Is Right For You

Determining what golf driver loft is right for you can be tricky but there are tips to follow to ensure you choose the best one. The first step is to evaluate the speed that you swing the driver. This can be done two ways. You can go to a golf shop and use a pro measuring device or you can make the estimate on your own. To do this you must figure out what club you would use for a shot of 150 yards. If what you use is a 7 iron then your usual speed will be about 100 mph, a 6 iron will give you about 90 mph and an 8 iron will give you about 110 mph. Next, choose the loft that is based on the club speed you assessed. If you find that it is between the range of 95 to 105 you want to use a club with an 11 degree loft. If it is from 105 to 115 the loft should be a 7, 8 or 9. For those below 85, use a loft between 14 and 20 degrees for the golf driver loft. For those who are above 130, use a loft that is between 4 to 7 degrees.

Practice Your Golf Driver Loft

Once you have your head speed under control you should compare how the golf driver loft fits the speed of your clubs head and practice. You may feel just a little bit of a change or you may feel a major change. Just make sure that the torque and stiffness of the shaft are the same for the comparison to make sure that you are comparing the drivers properly.


Source by Nancy Ambrosio