Tips in Choosing Suit Handkerchiefs for Men


Men can be elegant and fashionable when using any of those simple suit handkerchiefs or pocket handkerchiefs that come as an accent to their suit or a sports coat. After all, if they want to sport an elegant or a formal look, choosing a good pocket handkerchief for their suits can make a big difference.

Indeed, many men want to wear handkerchiefs to add accent and elegance to a simple suit but somehow they would end up trashing the idea because they are afraid that they might choose something that would not be right for them and may eventually end up messing their looks.

When going to some formal parties or special events, choosing a good handkerchief can help a man achieve that extra special look. In fact, a simple suit can turn out elegant and expensive-looking with that small piece of hanky on his suit pocket. The trick is to choose something that would fit one’s outfit as well as his looks.

For those who are planning to wear suit handkerchiefs on the next special event or occasion that they plan on joining, here are a few tips that might help them in choosing something that will complement beautifully and elegantly with that specific look they want to pull off:

1. Choose a white suit pocket handkerchief when going for a formal look. White often suggests a more formal look and one can never go wrong with white when it comes to formal wear.

2. Choose solid colors to help achieve that formal look. A solid white handkerchief can be a good choice. However, if one wants to look less formal, he may opt for other colors and designs as well. The more intricate or wild the design, the less formal it may become although it can still add class and elegance to a simple suit he wants to wear. There are also designs of suit handkerchiefs that may help one look casual yet classy, so make sure to choose wisely.

3. Choose a pattern and design that will complement the rest of the attire. One may want a suit pocket handkerchief that will not contradict the style of his necktie. Therefore, it is important to choose the right handkerchief that will complement the style and color of the attire.

4. In choosing a good handkerchief for a suit, one should not expect that adding that simple linen square can do instant magic to his attire at all times. One also needs to ensure that everything in his attire is perfectly in place. A necktie that is too long can destroy the elegant look that he wants to pull off even if he made a good choice of suit hanky. An ill-fitting suit can also totally ruin the overall look even with a wise choice of a pocket handkerchief. Therefore, one needs to make sure that he has taken these things into consideration while choosing the right suit handkerchiefs. All these will help ensure that a pocket handkerchief can indeed do magic in one’s simple attire.


Source by Vyacheskav Evgeniyevich Rabukhin