Tips for Designing Your Team League and Corporate Sports Apparel


If your company sponsors a local sports team or participates in a league, you will need team league and corporate sports apparel. Whether it’s for the t-ball group playing at the local park or your own employees getting together for a tennis tournament, your company should be represented by the logo, colors, and other information on the uniforms. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your uniform design.

Company/Team Logo

For the company sports group, you will want your company logo proudly displayed. It may be your company name in a special style or font. If you have a graphic or image to include, talk with professionals about the best material suited for what you have in mind.

When your company is sponsoring a local recreation department’s youth basketball group, your actual company name is important but not as prominent as the team name. You want patrons of the events to know your involvement as a sponsor, but you also want the kids to know if they are the “Rockets” or the “Bears.”


Your company likely has colors that are used on their website or in their logo. Make sure the color you choose complements your logo and lettering on the uniform.

Extra Information

You may want additional text or graphics on your uniform, such as championships won, player names, and a company website or phone number. Take care to not crowd it too much or any information you really want people to see may be lost.

Clothing Type

Depending on the nature of the sport, you may need basic t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, or some other style. Many team league and corporate sports apparel businesses also sell polo shirts, shorts, sweatpants, jackets, and more. You can find the right style of clothing for just about any type of group.

Bring It Together

Work closely with experienced designers and graphics members, whether with a local or online shop, to see your different design ideas on various materials. Experiment with text in different sizes, arranged in different locations, with and without extra graphics or images.

When it comes to businesses that sell team league and corporate sports apparel, you want to be sure your company is represented well. Take the time to select options that reflect your company’s look and feel. Choose an experienced provider who you can trust to get your desired look just right.


Source by Andrew Stratton