The Best Kinect Games Coming Out For Xbox 360 Console – Find Them Here


This year another great gaming device is coming out titled Xbox Kinect! Here I will provide you some of the best Kinect games launching for the Xbox 360.

On the last E3 gaming conference Microsoft revealed an amazing device which will provide an entire new gaming experience to all the Xbox 360 owners. Firstly we have heard rumors about Project Natal but now the final title of it is Kinect. This is an motion tracking camera similar to Nintendo Wii one. Its main job is to track players movements which allows them to play without controller, it sounds funny but it is true!

With the new device you will play games with your body movements. Using your arms to swing, legs to move, jump, kick and other stuff. It is going to be one of the most realistic game play you will ever experience and Kinect games are the ones that will provide it to you.

So lets take a look at some of the upcoming Kinect games right here:

  • EA Sports Active 2.0 – Definitely one of the best fitness games coming out for Xbox 360 Kinect. Providing you more than 70 exercises, virtual trainer, online sharing data option, different sports to play etc…
  • Kinect Joy Ride – The first race based game for Kinect providing you different unique worlds to race in, various tracks and cars with features to drift through corners, jump and perform tricks and other amazing stuff. Use your hands to steer, no controller or wheel!
  • Kinect Sports – One of the must have games for Xbox Kinect. Play with your family or friends this fantastic motion sports games including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, Volleyball and others. Sporting games in a new level for your Xbox 360!
  • Kinect Adventures! – First adventure game announced. Jump, evade different obstacles while rafting and running through jungle. Play in multi player mode for even more fun.
  • Metal Gear Solid Rising – The best action based game for Kinect. You may already heard of this huge success game for Xbox 360 now coming in Kinect edition for even better game play.

This are the best 5 games coming out soon! There are more than 15+ game titles already announced for the new device, do not miss them out.


Source by M G Greg