Silk Screening on Team Sports Uniforms Considered


If you are a coach or part of a nonprofit kids group that wears uniforms then you know that it is important to get quality uniforms for a very low price. If your team has 12 to 15 games during the season let's say for soccer or Little League, then your game shirts and uniforms will be worn perhaps 16 times including team pictures.

This also means that they will probably be washed at least 15 times in the wash machine. Uniforms go through a lot of the abuse on the field and in the wash. This is why you need strong uniforms. You also need lightweight material for better performance of your athletes, but with all that said; you also need to save money. This makes picking out uniforms very difficult when you are on a budget and sometimes it means you might need an extra car wash fundraiser or some were candy sales to make up the difference.

Now let's talk about silk screening on team sport uniforms. When putting silk screens on uniforms you must be very careful not to make the logos to large because it can cause the shirts to stick together or get too hot. Also, as the athlete moves around the logo cannot be read if it is too big.

Many nylons type shirts will not be able to have silk screening because it will melt the shirt. These are all serious considerations to ask your uniform vendor about before spending the extra money on quality sportswear for your athletes. Please consider all this in 2006


Source by Lance Winslow