Ridgefield, CT – An Historic Town Known For Its Diverse Fitness Options


Ridgefield, Connecticut, is a little town with a huge colonial heritage, to be more precise, 300 years of magnificent history. The town population is over 22,000. Ridgefielders hold on dearly to their New England small town quaintness and, yet, they love the modern day touches and conveniences. One of the modern activities that is very big in Ridgefield is Personal Training. For a relatively small and slightly isolated town, some say there is a super-abundance of fitness options from Personal Training to the family-oriented programs sponsored by Ridgefield Parks and Recreation. Plus there are many parks, walking trails, and other facilities oriented to staying fit.

The townspeople of Ridgefield love to walk downtown on pristine sidewalks with popular historical pedestals – "The Museum in the Street" – that document a heritage discovery trail around the town. These markers boast, rightfully so, about a rich Revolutionary history, abundant farming community and well-known art and cultural background. A simple fitness walk through town might include passing by Victorian and colonial homes such as the breathtaking Lounsbury House / Community Center. If you prefer to run, you might take a brief rest and look at monuments that record dates and events of the 1777 "Battle of Ridgefield." You can walk forever and back again. Yes, Ridgefielders are basically very health oriented and fit.

As mentioned above, the town has parks, walking and hiking trails and landscapes that are conducive to fitness and wellness. When you have some spare time come fall in love with Ridgefield. Check out the beauty of Martin Park for swimming, Sturges Park for hiking, or Graham Dickinson SPIRIT Skate Park for aggressive in-line skating and skate boarding. A few minutes from the center of Ridgefield you will find Seth Low Pierrepont State Park located on Barlow Mountain Road. This is a great place to escape where you can fish, swim, kayak and canoe. Not too far from the State Park is Ridgefield's 18 hole resident and non-resident golf course on Ridgebury Road. And, Ballard Park, right in the center of town, is a haven where you can walk, children can play, or you can just meditate about the magnificent old trees and plantings that surround you.

Most adults engage in some form of Personal Training. You can find excellent weight training, Pilates or Gyrotonic® programs. Personal Training prepares your body to excel in gentler sports such as walking, mild hiking, and basic swimming as well as more rigorous sports such as tennis, golf, rowing, running, biking or competitive swimming. It also helps people to strengthen symmetrically and therefore prevent sports' injuries. Personal Training compliments routine activities as well as sports and is highly recommended for everyone. You can take a few sessions to get yourself oriented or you can commit to a life of organized Personal Training.

Bask in the beauty of Ridgefield and the vibrant history of a town that beckons to you from the past and, yet, is creatively open to the future. Embrace good health and fitness by checking out the excellent Personal Trainers and fitness programs in the area. Remember to strengthen your legs, arms, abdominals and back. This way you will build the stamina and endurance to enjoy these great places and all the activities in spring, summer, fall and winter. A Personal Training program will pave the way to improved health and top notch self-confidence. Come see Ridgefield for yourself, a community where fitness is the key to healthy balance.


Source by Maria Beck