Reasons to Get an Apex 37 Longboard


With the Apex 37 longboard, you have a choice in how the board is made. You can choose the weight of the board, the bearings in the wheels, even boards with Forged Carbon technology. The Apex 37 longboard is also customized to suit your specific height and weight. The Apex 37 longboard started with sustainably harvested hard maple and draws strength from advanced composite technologies. And the quad-axel composite layers keep the deck light but still incredibly strong.

The Apex 37 longboard uses what is known as CNC routing to drop Original trucks straight onto the deck, giving the board a profile lower than most other drop-through mounts. It also offers more pop and more power for the rider to enjoy. As the world of skateboarding has evolved, the necessary parts have evolved with it.

There are many more important components to an Apex 37 longboard. The trucks, the wheels, the bearings, and the hardware to keep your trucks on your board all help improve your ride.

Wheels are vitally important to the way you ride around; the wheels are the connection from the road to the board. Having a good wheel is the foundation to having a smooth ride. Different materials are used to achieve the same end-a smooth ride-but in different ways because material, size, and thickness are all adapted for different terrains.

Bearings that lay inside the wheels play a huge part in the smoothness and speed of the ride. If you’re being chased down the street by a dog, you’ll be happy you got new bearings, because the bearings dictate the board’s ability to move easily and quickly. The bearings on your Apex 37 longboard should be changed based on condition-if your ride stops being so smooth and easy, change or clean the bearings.

Another important part of the Apex 37 longboard is the deck. The actual deck of the longboard is the part that you stand on. This part is vital, for obvious reasons. Without a proper deck for your board, you pose a safety risk to yourself or whoever else may ride it. Not only that, but all of the parts that make up an Apex 37 longboard have to work in sync for the board to do its job correctly.

Trucks are the turning mechanism on the board and are attached to the wheels that allow them to spin. Without trucks, your Apex 37 longboard may look cool, but you won’t be able to ride it. Trucks come in a variety of sizes to fit whatever size wheel you are using on your longboard.

Bushings are a part of the truck. Usually made of polyurethane, they are commonly shaped like barrels or cones. Bushings are the simplest part of a truck to change.

The Apex 37 longboard could come with any type of wheel, truck, bearing, etc., but it will only work properly and to its fullest potential if all of the parts work together as they’re designed to. Ensuring your safety and the fun of your ride will require careful attention to each of these parts, and the assembly of the board itself.


Source by Alex David Baker