Potpourri Basket Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You Can Use Today


For those unfamiliar with the Potpourri Basket Cricut cartridge, it is exactly what it sounds like. Combining the very best that several cartridges have to offer, this cartridge places them in one single cartridge making it nothing short of a Cricut user’s paradise. While Cricut users may be eager to take full advantage of this cartridge, it is important to understand exactly what it contains and exactly what you can make with it. With the help of Potpourri Basket Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You Can Use Today, users can get the tips on how to turn this cartridge into a figurative bowl of Cricut delight.

Potpourri Basket Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You Can Use Today

1. Amazingly enough, this cartridge features graphics from over 15 other cartridges. It is a compilation of greatest hits from such fan favorites as: Going Places, Wedding Solutions, My Community, Home Accents, Campout, Baseball, Doodlecharms, Joys of the Season, Fabulous Finds, New Arrival, Soccer, Street Signs, Celebrations, Indie Art and more!

2. The images are an eclectic blend of graphics, which makes this cartridge a real must-have item. Particularly popular graphics compiled in the cartridge include: wedding insignia, school items, sports graphics, camping images, baby shower images, festive party graphics, skull and crossbones and holiday images.

3. While the graphics are something to swoon over, the special features, including shadow and bonus features, are also quite impressive. They allow users to take a cartridge loaded with graphics and create something entirely unique.

4. This cartridge is much like its sister cartridge, the Cricut Sampler Cricut cartridge. Both were originally bundled with die-cutting machines, but now can be found on their own. While both were intended to simply give users an idea of what cartridges offer, they soon became favorites of veterans everywhere. With such a collection of graphics, it’s easy to see why Cricut fans can use this cartridge all year long for both formal and casual purposes.

5. Another helpful tip is to use the Potpourri Basket Cricut cartridge to create personalized invitations for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, holiday parties and more. You can also create announcements for the same events and the subsequent thank you cards.

6. Special occasions and memorable moments are perfect scrapbook material. Commemorate such memories like the first day of school, family’s first camping trip, engagements, babies, birthdays, sporting events and family vacations, with the help of this cartridge. There are several graphics suitable for each significant event.

7. Lastly, utilize the cartridge by working on projects including making your own stationary, gift tags, picture frames, party favors, banners and keepsake boxes!

The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to this cartridge. Users can also pursue the 15 cartridges which compile the Potpourri Basket Cricut cartridge, if they are interested in certain themes and graphics. While it may have begun as a mere teaser cartridge, the Potpourri Basket Cricut Cartridge proves that this is the kind of creative tool that can be a Cricut user’s paradise.


Source by Sophie Simmons