Find a Job in the WNBA – 7 Skills That Are Needed to Work in Sports


There are certain criteria that every employee looks for when they are hiring new employees to work in their business. Many jobs have some similar requirements for the types of skills they want their employees to have. In the WNBA I found that the most common skill employers want their employees to have is computer skills

Computer skills are very important to a lot of employers now that most of the work is done via the computer or the internet. Most employers want their employees to be proficient in the Microsoft office programs. Every job deals with word processing, budgeting, and presentations so it is important for employees to be able to use Microsoft office programs with ease.

Communication skills are also very important to employers. Employers are looking for employees who can talk to clients, write memos, handle phone calls, and make presentations. When you are looking for a job in the WNBA you need to make sure you can communicate on many different levels.

Many employers also stressed that they needed their future employees to be able to multi-task. In the WNBA there are many different events going on at one time. There are games, promotions, community service events and other dealings that as an employee you have to be able to juggle everything all at once.

Organizational skills were listed on many different job postings that I found. In order for an employee to juggle the many different events going on at one time, they have to be very organized. Employers want to see that their future employees can keep all their tasks organized before they hire them.

Employers also like when their future WNBA employees have customer service experience. There is a lot of interaction with customers in ticket sales, game day operations, promotions and other tasks that are done every day. As an employee you have to be able to handle customer complaints in a professional manor so that the customer is satisfied and will return for repeat business.

Phone skills were also listed on many different job postings. Not only do employees have to be good handling customers in person, but they also must handle complaints over the phone. You have to be able to speak clearly and handle on the spot problems that may arise.

The final skill needed most when applying for a job in the WNBA is being able to problem solve. In the many events going on, there can be a variety of problems that arise. An employee must be able to think quickly and implement a solution so that the event can keep running.

These are the seven most important skills someone looking for a job in the Women’s National Basketball Association must possess. If you have all of these skills you will make a fine employee for any team. I found these skills by looking at job postings on [].


Source by Stephanie Gempp