Boost Your Confidence In All Areas


We are all more confident some areas of our lives than others, even the most confident of people have some areas they feel they are lacking. Whilst even the least confident have some areas they feel confident.

Confidence is a feeling of assurance that you can complete the task successfully with ease, in fact you scarcely consider the task at all! It may be a task related to your work or home life, something you practise daily: such as public speaking, teaching, child rearing, cooking or it may be confidence in a sport, that you know you play well.

Whatever areas you feel confident in, you feel good about yourself. Especially when you are faced with these tasks.

Many of us have areas in our lives we would love to feel more confident. So how can we achieve this, when are lives are so busy. Training and guidance from experts together with lots of practice, plus belief in yourself with all boost the feeling of confidence and expertise.

Compare the first time you tried to drive a car to you confidence years later. Consider how new Mums’ feel with their first-born, especially if they do not have younger siblings. Confidence can be learned and developed in all areas and will make you a more rounded happier person.

Sometimes teachers and parents influence how confident we feel, by being critical in childhood, but as adults we can take control of our lives and change this.

I am confident in most areas of my life, but would hate to speak in public, and I am a complete technophobe. The very thought of anything technical sends me in a spin. So these and a few others are my areas that need some work! So which are you areas will you be improving this year? A new year is a great time to start something new, what will your challenge be?

So to sum up: lack of confidence is natural, to improve in any area get good training and practise you new skills knowing you are improving in that area. Have belief in your efforts and enjoy compliments.

So will yours be a gym challenge, losing weight, or a new hobby? Or with the money pressures everyone is feeling it could be earning a second income. Whatever it is have a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

An easy to read little book full of tips and quotes to increase your confidence:

“How to be Confident” by Anna Barnes


Source by Anne O’Dwyer