Barbour Jacket Is the Jack of Jacket Trade


Originally a UK brand, J Barbour or Barbour International now dominates the garment market of European countries like Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. In winter-dominated countries, Barbour International is the pioneer brands.

In its initial phases, Barbour International was famed as a jacket brand for motorcycle enthusiast. It was Duncan Barbour, who in the 30s’ introduced a range of designer jackets for the motorcycle riders. Being a motorcyclist by hobby, Duncan wanted to create a special look for the motorcycle enthusiasts and it turned into an icon. Today however, Barbour Jackets are not only meant for people who fascinate riding Harley Davidsons but also for those who like to have stylish looks. Apart from a wide range of sports jackets, Barbour jackets are now available in different other designs that go well with formal and casual parties too. If winter fashion is what you like, Barbour is just the perfect brand for you. There are endless varieties of jackets that are parts of the company’s four most famed collections- the Heritage Collection, Classic Collection, Contemporary Collection and Sport Collection. Though by Barbour jackets, majority of people mean leather jackets, items made of other materials are also manufactured by the company. One can stay safe in the monsoon by wearing a waterproof breathable jacket, one of the most popular non-leather product of Barbour.

In leather there are endless varieties to choose from. You will get jackets with astonishing stylish designs. Available in a variety of sizes, a jacket can be worn by people of all ages. The best part is that Barbour is no more a ‘men’s only’ brand. Ladies too can enjoy winter fashion with stylish jackets. Two most hot favorite Barbour jackets for women are Barbour Cowan Commando and Barbour Polar Quilt. Besides, some of the men’s jackets also look good on women, thanks to their smart designs.

Some of the most popular designs of Barbour Jackets that you can choose from are:

Men’s Vintage, Men’s Chelsea Leather Jacket, Men’s Bridge Coat, Men’s Quilted Down Wax Barbour Jacket, Men’s Engineered Bedale Leather Barbour Jacket, Men’s Tweed Sapper Jacket, Men’s International Leather Jacket, Men’s Union Jack International Jacket, Men’s Carbon Finish International Jacket, Men’s Carbon Earle Jacket and Men’s Barbour Antique International Jacket.

When the first drop of snow falls on the leaf or the roof, we all start preparations for Christmas. X-Mas is not only about cakes and parties but also about gifts. If you want to present your loved ones some useful X-Mas gifts, you can consider Barbour jackets. You can’t find anything with more utility than a Barbour jacket. Made from superior quality leather and fabrics the Barbour Jackets provide the necessary warmth, give smart looks to people and the zipped pockets come to multiple uses.

Today Barbour International is not only a jacket specialist but a complete apparel brand that can cater to all needs of people. You can opt for a pair of leather gloves and a hat to make your gift set complete. Besides, there are items like knitwear, midlayers, trousers, overtrousers, shorts, breeks, hoods, liners, socks, belts, shirts, tweeds, woolen outerwears and unisex accessories.


Source by James Neo