Anyfish Anywhere Bait Pak Review


We have all seen bait bags and various designs of cool bags to help keep our bait fresh or frozen ready to be used in top condition for fishing. I have seen anglers use cool boxes small coke can coolers and even just bait wrapped up in newspaper.

Anyfish Anywhere have come up with a bait bag called the “Bait Pak” – this cool bait bag has everything to offer for the most demanding angler. It is made from a durable material that can easily be washed and dried, tough carrying handle and on the corners has options for straps so you can hang it under your rod stand whilst beach fishing.

The bag has a very large surface area which can easily store ice cream tubs full of Peeler crabs, ice packs, live worm and a lot more. The entire bag is lined with a special thermal lining which will keep your bait fresh all day long even in full sun and has a easy zip open top to grab bait as or when you need it with ease.

You can store lots of baits in this bag from frozen to live at the same time which gives you a great range of top baits to choose from at your fishing venue, without the hassle of bringing lots of different containers for different baits out with you.

If you are looking for a top bait bag solution then this is currently the best bag on the market for the money. They retail around £14.99 and you will get good use out of them on all you angling trips.


Source by Frazer Mellis